Hi-Lon Glass Services Ltd. repairs or replaces all
types of doors. We also supply and install door hardware
including closers, hinges, pivots, panic bars etc.


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We understand new technology and processes relating to doors. We instinctively know what needs to be done to repair or replace yours.

Types of doors we service include: sliding patio doors, suite doors, common area doors such as lobby, exit, and parking garage doors.


Glass Doors

  • Repair glass doors
    • hinges, closers, handles, frames, etc.
  • Replace glass doors
    • with or without frames
    • various options available

Storm Doors

  • Repair storm doors
    • A range of handles, closers, windchains, etc.
  • Replacement of storm door
    • styles and colours to choose from

Patio Sliding Glass Door

  • Repair sliding glass doors
    • rollers, handles, track, etc.
  • Replacement of sliding Glass Patio doors
    • choose from aluminum or vinyl
    • several styles available

Closet Doors

  • Repair closet doors
    • rollers, track, glides, etc.
  • Replace closet doors many styles available

Steel Doors

  • Repair steel doors
    • hinges, closers, handles, frames, etc.
  • Replace steel doors
    • with or with out frames
    • various options available

Kalamein Doors

  • Repair kalamein doors
    • hinges, closers, handles, frames, etc.
  • Replace kalamein doors
    • with or with out frames
    • various options available

Wood Doors

  • Repair wood door
    • hinges, handles, plane door down, etc.
  • Replace wood door
    • hollow core or solid core
    • various styles and colours to choose from


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