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We are one of the oldest glass service companies in Toronto. A family-run business, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, attention to detail and our excellent relationship with both our suppliers and our customers. As a result, we have built a solid reputation and extensive supplier network. Our ability to access, hard-to-find parts for windows gives us the competitive edge and is why we are the go-to when it comes to repairing or replacing windows.

Thermal Adapters

Hi-Lon Glass developed a thermal adapter that can convert existing inefficient single glass sliding windows to double pane insulated units making it the leading window solution for many clients.

Its innovative design allows a thermal adapter to accommodate virtually every glass type available including glass with high efficiency Low E coatings.   Not only does it reduce energy loss across the seasons but also significantly reduces condensation if not eliminating it entirely. Upgrading to thermal adapters is done quickly and without the mess or costly expense of replacing the entire window. Moreover, the window’s existing frame is not cut or altered in any way and the thermal adapter can be colour matched to the frame making the conversion virtually indiscernible from the original window and not altering the existing building’s facade.

Is sound or noise a concern? By incorporating laminated glass in the thermal unit, the thermal adapters are an effective way to decrease the amount of sound transmission through the window.


  • Improves window’s energy efficiency
  • Reduces or eliminates condensation issues.
  • Able to incorporate the latest low E coatings.
  • Installs quickly without the mess or expenses of new windows.
  • Able to colour match the thermal replacement frame to your existing window frame.
  • Able to blend seamlessly with the exterior building façade by incorporating matching glass in thermal unit in the adapter.
  • Able to decrease noise transmission by incorporating laminated glass in the thermal unit in the adapter.


Aluminum Windows

  • Repair aluminum windows
    • rollers, locks, tracks, hardware, etc
  • Replace aluminum windows
    • colour and style choices avaialble

Vinyl Windows

  • Repair vinyl windows
    • balances, cranks, locks, etc.
  • Replace vinyl windows
    • colour and style choices available


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Window Replacements for Condominium Owners
Window replacements provide challenges for condominium owners.  It typically depends on who is responsible for providing the funding for the various projects, the resident or the condominium corporation.  For information on who is responsible for repairs or replacements, consult the bylaws and the condo’s declaration.  In condominiums, windows are typically replaced under two circumstances:

Initiated by the Condominium Board
The condominium board chooses to replace several units’ windows at once. Board members are informed about the project and asked to vote on whether to move forward with the project. If the board members are in agreement, they move forward.  In this case, a portion or all the expenses related to ordering and installing new windows may be covered. The drawback of this situation is that residents can be pressured to acquire new windows simply because neighbouring units are doing so.

Initiated by Resident
Residents are allowed to replace their own windows as they see fit, and the board has no say in the process. In this situation, the residents are responsible for initiating services with window company, attaining quotes, and paying for the order. Although, residents have a say in when windows are changed, they are also responsible for all costs associated with the repair.

It is recommended that residents who are responsible for their own replacement, confirm with the board the acceptable window’s style, function, and installation method as generally they must maintain a uniform look with the rest of the building’s façade. Once that is established, residents will be able to buy windows with confidence that the board will permit their installation.

Preserving Style
It is significant to note that in both cases, the condo management team will request that the current style, color, window arrangement, and installation type be maintained.  To obtain the custom windows desired, residents may not have many options. It’s likely that the new units will need to match the windows’ current appearance and functionality. It is possible that residents won’t be able to benefit from the full-frame replacement if the condo has retrofit insert windows installed.

Replacements in Higher Buildings
Hi-Lon Glass works on both low-rise and high-rise structures. We have the installers, expertise and tools required to perform repairs in tall buildings. This is why we can provide both commercial and residential window replacements.  Replacements vary depending on the height of the structure. For example, vinyl windows are the greatest option for low-rise structures such as houses.   Where as in high-rise buildings, aluminum windows are required.  Additionally, the requirements of the Ontario Building Code and fire code are different for residential residences and high-rise structures. Learn what kind of windows you are eligible for and which rooms must have windows that meet fire code requirements.