Windows and doors often become drafty when weatherstripping
deteriorates and requires replacement. Hi-Lon Glass Services Ltd.
replaces weatherstripping on all types of windows and doors to
reestablish the seal.


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Simple strips called weatherstripping come in a variety of materials and are designed to fit tightly around your windows and doors to protect the interior space from the outside elements.  These strips of material, which is made of rubber, felt, foam, metal, or vinyl, fills in any gaps between the windows/ doors and their frame, keeping the interior more comfortable.

Benefits to weatherstripping your windows and doors.

Reduces Drafts
The use of weatherstripping helps reduce air leakage around windows and doors. Estimates indicate that air leaks brought on by improperly weatherized and sealed homes account for 30–40% of a home’s overall heating and cooling loss. Home insulation is harmed by air leaks and draughts because warm, humid air leaving the building has the potential to dampen the insulation in addition to allowing warm or cool air to escape from its intended location.

Save Energy
Your furnace must work harder to make up for small leaks around your door and window frames that let warm air out and cold air in. One of the simplest and least expensive ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home is to install weatherstripping. Your energy expenses can be cut by as much as 5% to 10%. By minimizing the amount of energy your home loses, you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint.  Weatherstripping will not only helps you save money on energy costs but also help the environment.

Reduces Moisture and Condensation
Weatherstripping is the best method for keeping the elements outside. Excessive wetness can have negative impacts in any interior space. Moisture issues can be very significant and lead to mold growth or damage to interior finishings. Your windows and doors should be sealed if you want to keep moisture out of your area.

Eliminates Noise
Not only is weatherstripping excellent at keeping out the elements, but it also works wonders at keeping out outside noise. The most economical method of soundproofing your home or place of business is with weatherstripping, which is ideal for individuals who prefer peace and quiet as part of the atmosphere.

Defends Against Pests
Any opening between your door and the frame or the floor, no matter how small, invites little, uninvited guests. Insect-related issues and other minor pests like spiders reduce the comfort of your home. Along the edges of your windows/ doors, weatherstripping helps keep bugs out.

Improves Air Quality
At home, there are already enough pollutants that can aggravate allergies. Weatherstripping helps reduce the amount of work your air filter has to do by reducing the amount of external pollutants entering the home.  Your furnace filter holds onto the airborne dust and other allergens, purifying the air you breathe. Pollen and other external contaminants cause your filter to become clogged more quickly, making your furnace work harder to push air through. Weatherstripping acts as an external barrier to your home and greatly reduces the amount of outside contaminants that get inside.

Provides Comfort
Weatherstripping plays a vital role in overall comfort by assisting with air quality, temperature adjustment, noise and pest control. When all these things come together, a space becomes more comfortable for everyone.

Types of Weatherstripping

  • Schlegal
  • Fin seal
  • Astrigal
  • Sweep


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