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June 24, 2024

paul M/ODC WONDERFUL TALENTED PERSONABLE visit to 550 Front st W./620 today 10 stars

sharon ball

Window replacement

June 19, 2024

Paul M and ODC replaced a window for us and they were fast, efficient and professional but also friendly. We were very happy with the installation.

We have been very impressed with the entire Hi-Lon team, at every stage of the repair process.

Thank you.

Leslie Jeff

Efficient Team

June 12, 2024

Paul M. and ODC replaced 8 thermopanes in my condo. Their fast but thorough approach went very smoothly. They answered any questions politely and were informative. Hi-Lon Glass was a great choice for service and super job start to finish.


Consistently Good

June 10, 2024

We’ve used Hi-Lon for 3 jobs now, and they have been consistently professional and economical. Great work each time. Paul & ODC have done 2 of those jobs and they are excellent. Work is above and beyond. We wouldn’t hesitate to use them again!


Paul M was amazing !

June 9, 2024

Paul fixed my 2 windows in just an hour and did a great job!


Door repairs for my condo

June 4, 2024

Paul and ODC here excellent. Right on time and kept me posted about the required work. My doors are working better than ever. Completely professional and I will put there name one to my condo. Site where we can post workmen that we would recommend.


Excellent, professional and knowledgeable service

May 30, 2024

Out condo patio door handle was broken and Paul M. And ODC were very professional and knowledgeable about fixing the door handle in a very timely manner.

Arthur Hovsepian

Replaced net and roller of sliding door

May 28, 2024

Easy scheduling and quick communication. Quick solve to our hole in our balcony sliding door.


Review of condo Juliet balcony cleaning involving removal of sliding doors.

May 27, 2024

Paul -M/ODC and the team expeditiously completed the task in a constrained space without any issues. The cleaning exercise was done to perfection.

Frank Whittaker

Windows repair

May 23, 2024

Great service, friendly trusted workman

Thanks to Paul M and ODC

Highly recommend


Excellent service

May 23, 2024

Paul and ODC fixed the windows at my condo and they did an excellent job. They were flexible quick and the results were very satisfactory.

Highly recommended.

Thank you!


Excellent service

May 17, 2024

I was just serviced by Paul and Rahem. Great experience, as they were quick and efficient. Communication was easy and they gave me prompt notice of their arrival. I will be keeping their contact for all future needs!



May 16, 2024

Great service. Thanks


Installation went great, manufacturing had issues

May 7, 2024

Paul M. and ODC were really good and nice people. Very fast and skilled in their work. They went above and beyond to clean as there was a build up of water and sand in the pane of the broken glass. Very happy with their work.

However, we did contact Hi-Lon in January and finally recieved delivery of the window in May. Unfortunate it took this long, I’m guessing it had to do with the manufacturing supplier.


Fast, efficient repair by professional installers

May 6, 2024

Our windows were replaced by Paul M and Odc, who did a quick and professional service. No muss, no fuss and no mess.

They were totally engaging and answered any question I put to them.

It was a pleasure to have Paul and Odc come to our home and correct a long-time issue … and the view is now great. 🙂

Sylvia Henry

Great Service, Friendly Approach

May 3, 2024

Paul M. Came to fix our crank shaft for the window and he was extremely professional and friendly. Work was done quick and up to standard.

Jon Padley

Fixed window

May 3, 2024

Very nice and handsome gentleman, fixed fast 👍🏻


Fantastic customer service and skill.

May 3, 2024

We live in a new condo and have had trouble with our balcony doors/locks since the beginning. Three different companies/people have come to repair them without success. Hi-Lon Glass came saw the problems and came back with the parts to repair the doors/locks. Excellent job done by Paul M. And ODC!

Highly recommended!

Thank you!

Jeffrey Kugler

Balcony sliding door repair

April 29, 2024

Will & Zack are very knowledgeable and professional, they helped me with windows and sliding doors in a few unit repairswebhad issues with the cold air coming through the door and we the professionals did it in no time and super quickly fast we are happy to have service again with this team


Amazing work by Paul M and ODC

April 27, 2024

Paul M and ODC are very knowledgeable and professional, they helped me with windows in my condo with few repairs.

My windows had a bunch of issues from condensation problem, some glass has to be changed and window screens to be installed. They took care of minor details to make sure condensation is not because of any other issue than usual things and explained me the problem, fixed it and cleaned everything at the end. Highly recommend them for window related fixes.


Removal of mirrored wall

April 25, 2024

Paul & ODC did an excellent job. The were very professional and friendly, and cleaned up afterwards. A great job!

J Pearson

Professional as always

April 23, 2024

Paul.M and ODC were dedicated professionals who did a fantastic job today for two units, this stands for a good company, Hi-Lon Glass!

Great job guys!!

Matt Kabiri

Great Window Installers

April 23, 2024

Awesome job, quick and clean. Paul M. and ODC were very pleasant and focused on the job at hand.

Susan Stanley

Fix Closet Door

April 20, 2024

Will & Zack replaced my closet tracks and rehung the doors which were not working before. The work was well done and they were pleasant to deal with. I’m very happy with HI-Lon Glass as customer service was also very good.

Faiith Adams


April 12, 2024

Will and Zack service for fixing the window is excellent

Wanning Sun

Quick and know their stuff

April 12, 2024

Title says it all!


Paul and Odc very cam and friendly

April 12, 2024

Wonderfull job done PAUL and ODC team work


5 Stars perfect job and nice guys

April 12, 2024

Paul and Odc are both the best professional workers. It’s the second I write this comment. Please give rewards for their efforts .


Window and door repair

April 11, 2024

Paul and ODC were pleasant and efficient


Great Job

April 11, 2024

Paul M and ODC were super efficient And quick. Great job.


Dave & JR

April 11, 2024

What a great personality those guys has, they did the job well cleaned after themself!

Both friendly and professionally

Bedir firuz


April 11, 2024

Paul M and ODC were super efficient and friendly!

Hetherington Jennifer

Door install

April 10, 2024

Will & Will were great! Fast, efficient and polite!


Friendly efficient service

April 8, 2024

Paul and ODC did a great job for me, installing new wheels on my sliding windows


Great and Friendly Service

April 5, 2024

Wonderful experience with Paul. M! Great job with both my sliding doors/ screens that have been acting up for years!


Good work

April 4, 2024

Fixed my windows and screens, looks great. Thank you Will and ODC.


Great Initiative to Fix My Bedroom External Whistling Problems

April 2, 2024

My door was whistling for 6 months and had been blocked so I couldn’t open it. Paul Markus and his partner ODC came two days in a row and fixed the hinge that hadn’t been installed correctly 6 months ago. They talked internally to their mgr and found the right hinge and traced it with the windy conditions and did the door placement well! Now I can sleep without the noise!

Jennifer Noronha

Balcony Door Lock Replacement - Great Job!

April 2, 2024

I had Dave and JR visit my unit today to repair my balcony door. The guys were courteous and professional. Made the job fun!

Thank you, gents!!

Cynthia M

Glass replacement

March 27, 2024

Excellent service and efficient replacement of a hazy glass window by Paul and ODC


Extremely professional and quick

March 26, 2024

Paul M. and ODC were extremely professional, knowledgeable and quick in the window installation at my home. You cannot go wrong with them!

Ali Arshad

Quick and well done

March 18, 2024

Paul M. And ODC were friendly and quick with their job leaving no mess


Good service

March 15, 2024

Fixed closet door quick and well


Suite 1402 265 Ridley

March 13, 2024

I was pleased they were in foot protection when they entered my unit. Paul and associate was friendly, efficient, and knows what he is doing. Thank you for leaving my unit clean.

Lourdes Shen

Best glass team!

March 13, 2024

Thank you Paul and Odessey for a seamless great window install! Fantastic work, efficient, clean and fabulous team!!!

Wendy Shully

Amazing Job

March 12, 2024

Paul M. And ODC did such an amazing job fixing and servicing our sliding door. It was obvious that they are the pre-eminent service providers for this unique type of door and we will only call them for the duration of our home ownership because of their expertise and their kindness in performing the job. Thank you so much!

Paul Macchione

replacement of a cracked window of my bedroom

March 11, 2024

Paul and his colleague were so polite, friendly and they were super expert at their job.


Fast and efficient

March 8, 2024

Quick, efficient and friendly team.


Odessy and Paul

March 7, 2024

I have been working with Hi Lon Glass for my portfolios and they always go above and beyond. Odessy and Paul have been great especially. Professional, friendly, quick and efficient with quality!

Furthermore, the office team, Rowena, Melanie and Stephanie, is also great!


Thank you

March 6, 2024

I like to thanks Paul m and ODC for great service for my window no more air cold coming in

Sharon j


March 6, 2024

dave and jr changed my window pane, they did a great job. i highly recommend!


If I could give 6 stars I would. Fantastic work!

March 6, 2024

Dave and Junior are amazing workers, they did a fantastic job fixing the window operator and were quick, efficient , very professional and very friendly. Thank you Dave and Junior.


Perfect . Great .friendly

March 4, 2024

Paul m and ODC com on Friyday to fix my patio door . Did good work and clean both is very friendly godblass your

Fateema h

Great Service

February 26, 2024

Paul and ODC provided great service. They clearly communicated the process and were quick and friendly.


Perfect Service

February 23, 2024

Paul and ODC are super nice, very detail explanation.


Good Job

February 22, 2024

Today Paul m and odc came and finished work on my balcony door

Joseph j

Thank you

February 21, 2024

Paul and ODC com to change my glass did good job thank you both

Martin p

Excellent work

February 17, 2024

Paul m and ODC com to my apartment in the morning both did great work . change patio door seal did very good job and clean friendly and customer service, and professional thank you

Mervet G

Good job

February 16, 2024

Paul and doc come to my apartment lm not in he did good work to change my glass after finishing cleaning new glass thanks Paul andodc

Marys b

Condo windows Service

February 14, 2024

Yesterday Paul m and ODC com in my condo and fix all windows did great job and clean thank you

Vanes L

Quality Professional Work

February 14, 2024

Paul M and ODC did good work for my patio door glass

Quality- Professional-Service

Bahroz Sonono

Professional and nice

February 14, 2024

I have Paul and ODC coming to my place to fix the window crank issue. They are professional, fixed the problem very quick. Additionally they offered to fix another small problem of my window for free. I appreciate the help from them and will definitely recommend them to you.

Xiaofeng Liu

Super service

February 14, 2024

Dave and Junior came to our condo today as scheduled. They were pleasant and professional. Super kind and friendly guys!


Amazing work and Professional

February 14, 2024

Dave and Junior have provided service at the concord condos and are very professional, friendly, and display amazing customer service.

Prashanthi Seelam

Quality Professional Work

February 10, 2024

Paul m and ODC changed Glass for me windows and did very good jobs

Paul is very Firendly thank you for your service


Quality Professional Work

February 10, 2024

I just wanted to thank Paul and ODC for great

Jobs and clean work and great service



Professional, fantastic and clean

February 8, 2024

Jan-31-2024 Paul and Odessey cam in my apartment, fix my window and now working perfect thank you for hard work Paul and Odessey . Thank you.

Hug lee

Dave and Junior are amazing

February 8, 2024

Dave and Junior have provided service at the Waterclub Condos and are very professional, friendly, and display amazing customer service.

Jay Bedi Waterclub Security Supervisor

quality, Fast and Professional

February 8, 2024

Paul.m and Raheem fix my sliding door

He did good work and clean

Thank You

Carlo G

1 the esplanade

February 7, 2024

very professional good work done. Very friendly guys.

david building superintendent

Excellent service

February 7, 2024

Dave and Junior came to my init to replaced my screen. They were both very nice and made me feel at ease having strangers in my home. Highly recommend thank you


Wonderful Service

February 7, 2024

Had jr and Dave work on my unit last week and they did a phenomenal job!


Re sealed windows

February 6, 2024

The 2 gentlemen came to my house re sealed my windows in our bedroom. Very fast and efficient service

James Mcrobb

Sliding window fix

February 6, 2024

I want to say thank you for a quick fix on my sliding window. It took no more than 15 minutes, thanks to their experience and professionalism. Highly recommend


Did a great job.

February 5, 2024

They came to our building and serviced 6 unit’s. Did a great job and left the units clean as they found it. The y serviced 6 sliding balcony doors.

Bela Fecske

Fantastic job. Thank you Paul.

February 2, 2024

1pist Rd. Fixed the patio door for us and he did fantastic job.


Great Service Sealing our Patio Door and Windows

February 2, 2024

Dave and Junior came to our condo today as scheduled. They were pleasant and professional, wore shoe covers and installed new weather stripping on patio door that was whistling in the wind…. They also caulked and sealed windows in the den and bedroom to cut down on air leakage. Super job and very efficient. 👍


Giesse door lock

February 2, 2024

If you have trouble with your Giesse door lock like we do, we highly recommend Paul. He was a huge help and explained exactly what was wrong with ours.

Thanks Paul.


Condo sliding door screen

February 1, 2024

Paul M. & ODC replaced the screen doors to the balcony of my condo today. It fits perfectly & looks wonderful. They were friendly, efficient & took care to not mark my floors or walls in any way. I am very happy w the new screen.


Fast, Reliable Service

February 1, 2024

Thank you to Paul and his partner for coming on time and fixing a broken door handle on my balcony. The job was finished quickly and professionally.


Wonderful service

January 31, 2024

Help me repair my window. Really nice service. Thanks Paul m and his partner ODC for a great service experience toady. Help me out of a big problem.

Chris Liu

Good service

January 31, 2024

Good service of changing the hardware for my broken window



January 26, 2024

Appreciate the great job and fast work from Dave & JR on fixing and replacing my window crank!


Great Job!

January 25, 2024

Paul replaced my kitchen window today. He was so quickly and professional.


Great Job

January 24, 2024

Dave & JR replaced all window levers, quickly and efficiently, i would highly recomend there sevices! 5 Star!!


Gets the job done!

January 22, 2024

Thank you to Paul and Odc for the professional service and excellent quality of service. I needed my balcony door repaired as well as broken latch on one of my windows. Both repairs were completed efficiently and of professional quality and detail. Thank you guys!


Quick, efficient and friendly

January 18, 2024

Paul. M and Odyssey came over to fix a window in our bedroom. They were quick and efficient. Paul also explained the reason why our window cracked in the first placed, how the newly placed tempered glass is more durable and how to maintain it. Thank you for the friendly and amazing service!

Yasmina Sert

Highly recommend

January 17, 2024

Paul and his coworker did their work really well. The living room windows were changed, and they did a professional and quick job. They were very friendly and warm. Now, we have a better view of the city.


Quick and efficient

January 10, 2024

Paul M and Rahem fixed our window in a flash! They were in and out in no time.


Good service

January 8, 2024

Paul m and ODC were very quick and professional, appreciated the service



January 2, 2024

Paul M did excellent job

Cathy Han

Great work

January 2, 2024

Paul M did a great job


Great service

December 26, 2023

Great job to both Paul and Will….great service…

The only recommendation would be that a portable vacuum be given to the workers for clean up afterwards.

Rose D

Balcony sliding door

December 15, 2023

Paul M/Zack did a great job repairing my balcony door. They were professional, efficient and friendly.

Thank you both for a job well done.


Window replacement Wycliff Gardens Aurora

December 15, 2023

Paul& Zack were amazing, very professional, notice and attention to detail. Very clean, efficient and hardworking. Thorough after the work was completed by going over every window with us. I would have them back without question. The job they did was excellent.


Condo Door

December 13, 2023

Paul M and Zack came to fix my condo door. They were very thorough and did a great job.


Awesome service

December 11, 2023

Paul and Xack came in to repair my balcony door . Paul was fantastic . They took less than 20mins to fix my broken door. Earlier was asked to remove my blinds , but Paul came in and said he can remove the door without touching the blinds . He did it and it was fantastic . And so friendly !


Friendly people

December 7, 2023

Paul M/ Rahem are friendly and easy to communicate. Nice people.


Friendly and professional

December 7, 2023

Dave and JR were friendly and professional. They put on booties to protect my floors. They came last week to fix the glass on my balcony. The team worked quickly and efficiently. I would recommend them to a friend for any window/glass needs.

Kathleen Thornton

Great company, professional work

December 6, 2023

They replaced the glass in my apartment windows, job was done in a very professional manner. I highly recommend this company

Bashir Ahmed

Divider panel glass condo

December 5, 2023

Paul M. and Raheme replaced one of our glass panels today.They were efficient , respectful and job looks good!


Friendly and nice job

December 4, 2023

Paul M. and Rahe M. Were here to fix the balcony sliding door of my living room and they did a perfect job. They were quick and efficient, and now my balcony door is now working properly.

valeria mina

Professional and Friendly

December 1, 2023

Josh and Will were in today to fix my glass patio door. They did an excellent job and were very quick. They showed up on time, were very friendly and were careful not to make a mess. The quality of the work was excellent.

I would call on them again without hesitation.


Ensuite Bathroom Window Three Stories Up

November 30, 2023

I’m bad with names so I don’t remember the names of the gentlemen who came by to replace a window pane in my ensuite bathroom that had a broken seal. They were professional and polite, were careful not to do any damage to my home and did their job promptly and well. They cleaned up after they were done; you wouldn’t even know they’d been there. As an added bonus, they sealed some gaps in a decorative stained glass panel above the window for no charge. Was quite pleased with their services. Would definitely use them again.


Living room window

November 29, 2023

Great job done by Paul and Rahem


Fast, clever and professional results

November 22, 2023

Will and Zack did an excellent job replacing the rollers on my sliding glass wall. I quickly saw that myself and a crew of friends would have never been able to take the door completely down, and figure out how to save the damaged frame on our own.

If not for their ingenuity in jerry-rigging a washer along with a better wheel model to solve the problem, I’d have had to have replace the entire door (the cost of which would have been completely prohibitive).

Thankfully, they were able to make the repair and left the door sliding even better than when first installed. Kind of like how you notice a difference in cheap rollerblades versus ones with big, cushy wheels; feels like an upgrade rather than just a repair.

In addition, their office manager Rowena is especially pleasant and professional to work with, as were the Sales reps who provided an accurate quote.

Can’t recommend this team’s work highly enough – many thanks to all!

Lindsay O.

Thank you

November 21, 2023

Paul and Rahem did an excellent job. My birds were out of their cage, but Paul assured me not to worry. He skillfully fixed the balcony door without opening it. They truly are exceptional professionals.


Window Crank Repairs

November 15, 2023

Paul M. and Rahem came to fix the window this noon. They did the job quickly and professionally. Paul is very friendly and nice. Thanks for the service!

Cecilia Li

Replaced Condo Window

November 14, 2023

My condo balcony window was cracked and they replaced it in under 2 hours! Very quick and professional.



November 1, 2023



Fixed sliding balcony door

October 31, 2023

Paul and Will did an amazing job! They fixed the door perfectly. They also did the job super quickly and mess free. I highly recommend them for any repairs.

Eleanor Ford

Friendly and professional

October 26, 2023

I was served by Mr.Paul and Mr. Will and they showed nothing but high level of professionalism and friendly manner. Thank you very much to both


Quick and friendly

October 23, 2023

Great service, friendly team. The guys stayed to make sure the issues with our window were solved before they left. Thank you Paul and Will!


Balcony door

October 23, 2023

Paul and company are great people to work with. Came in to repair the balcony door and replaced the cable promptly. Explained all the details and how to take care of the door.


First Rate Patio Door Service

October 12, 2023

Paul M. & Will arrived promptly and explained the work required. They were courteous, efficient & professional.

Many Thanks

D Wilson

Excellent service

October 5, 2023

Paul and Will were very courteous, professional, and efficient. Windows and door repair were perfect And completed in a timely manner.

Paul K.


October 4, 2023

Leo and Will Jr did great work replacing my old screens and a window.

They were fast, courteous and very helpful!

Thanks again!


Great job

September 27, 2023

Paul and Will did a great job replacing the wheels on my patio door.

Debbie Main

Professional & courteous

September 27, 2023

Paul and Will were extremely courteous and were able to fix and replace my window under 30 minutes! I’m very impressed!

Atakan Demir

Corinthians 13.12

September 21, 2023

“For now we see through a glass darkly but then face to face ….I shall know even as I am known”

I don’t suppose St Paul had a condo high rise in downtown Toronto in mind but it seems apt — even if not heavenly.

Thank Steve.

Christopher Wilson.

Windows locks

September 13, 2023

Dave and jr came to my place fix my windows they did a 5 star job

Paul w

Window work

September 12, 2023

Paul M & Jashan are great


Excellent workmanship!

September 6, 2023

Michael and Jashan did an excellent, efficient job . Our sliding doors and screens slide better than ever before. Highly recommend them.

Thank you .


Excellent professional service!

September 6, 2023

Paul M arrived on time and efficiently installed plastic window frame moulding.

Pleasant and courteous.


Friendly, professional service!!

August 31, 2023

Shout out to Paul M and Leo for their fast, friendly, professional service replacing one of my windows today. Hi-Lon has never let me down, and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of new windows. Jack

Jack Daiter

Great job, courteous with clean and quick installation

August 31, 2023

William and Odyssey arrived on time as promised. The installation was clean and quick. They were very informative explaining how to properly maintain our windows.

Jim Caldwell

Very happy with the repair of my screen doors and windows

August 30, 2023

Excellent service from Paul M and Leo. Would recommend the company highly

Maxine Becker

Very good service

August 29, 2023

Paul and Leo were prompt and courteous and explained to me exactly what was needed to repair my screen doors. I certainly will use them for any future repairs to my windows.

Thank you guys.

Jean Brooke

Amazing service

August 25, 2023

Paul M & Leo were very quick, professional! and were both very kind and friendly! Would recommend their services to anyone in need and will definitely request them for any future window repairs! Thank you!!


Lovely and fast service

August 25, 2023

Leo and Paul were quick, efficient and got the job done. We were very pleased.


Great work

August 24, 2023

Mr William and Mr, Lodessey they replaced the balcony door and they did the great job.

Thank you.


Condo window replacement

August 22, 2023

Paul M is amazing!!! Fixed our window glass panel with such ease and all by himself (due to stress). You can easily see by his expertise that he is very knowledgeable. 10/10 recommend asking for Paul


Easy experience

August 22, 2023

The workers who came in were courteous, efficient, and clean. The window replacement seemed like it took no time at all, and looks great. Exceptional work.


New glass install

August 21, 2023

Will and Zach were professional, thorough and thorough and got the job done! Thank you!

Ramez Salti

New window gandles

August 14, 2023

Mel and Zach switched out the old handles for new and now all the windows open and close. The new handles fold so the blinds can move up and down. Thank you.

R. Lumsden

Enhance existing patio door and acrrens

August 14, 2023

Will and Paul made the newly screened old door work perfectly. Thank you!

R. Lumsden

Fixed Sliding Door

August 9, 2023

Paul M dropped by on time and was able to fix my sliding door quickly (<15m) – made it simple!!


Excellent Service

August 3, 2023

Paul M. came to install a new slider window in my condo and explained why the old one didn’t work. I then asked him about other window issues and he resolved everything. He was exceptionally helpful and very patient. It’s obvious that he loves his job and enjoys people!

Barbara G.

Amazing work.

July 17, 2023

Paul was amazing very quick and clean work, beat worker i have ever come across will definately use paul for evwrything going farward, he even fix the mesh on my balcony door at no cost.

Paul i thank you so much really appreciate it🙏 this is what you call love for the job with its people and not the money🤗


Quality Professional Work

July 13, 2023

Paul and Mike did a great job fixing my window yesterday. They were fast and very professional.

They also assisted with some other window-related work without hesitation.

Thank you both for your quality service.


Fix old patio doors

July 10, 2023

Excellent work . Doors are brand new. Very happy.


Window glass replacement

July 7, 2023

Paul and Will did a great job at replacing my living room window glass at the condo building , very professional at what they do . I’m satisfied with the work and they were polite . Thank you guys !

Mistah Persaud

Sliding Door Fix

July 7, 2023

Paul and Will acted very professionally, came in and quickly addressed the issue with my door. They were very pleasant to deal with and thoroughly explained my issue and the fix. Very satisfied with their work.

Adam W

Absolutely Professional

July 6, 2023

Paul was an amazing expert.

He’s very knowledgeable, kind and polite.

Thanks, Paul!

Soyoun Kim

High quality, Fast and Professional

July 4, 2023

Paul and Will did a superb job replacing the glass panels on our door. They worked fast without compromising quality and also went above beyond by assisting us with some additional help we required.


3390 Weston Rd Condo window glass replacement

June 30, 2023

Paul and Zack showed professionalism during the work. They completed the replacement swiftly and carefully. Also they are polite and nice.

Winston Cheung

Exceptional Service

June 20, 2023

Paul M and Mike came to our condo to fix the sliding balcony doors. We had trouble opening and closing the doors. They explained everything to us and Paul knew immediately what the problem was and fixed it perfectly with no mess. We thank them for their expertise!

Ellie Landale

Sliding Screen Door replacement

June 16, 2023

Paul was exceptionally knowledgeable, courteous and Avery nice person. If I were still in business I would hire him in a flash.

David Altbaum

Honest, knowledgeable and professional

June 6, 2023

Both Paul and Raheem were courteous, professional and knowledgeable in repairing my patio door. Paul explained and showed me where the problem lay with the door. When the door was repaired he took the time to show me how to open the door correctly and how to maintain it. I am so grateful for their service and for a patio door that opens easily now

Meri Bottos

Professional, courteous, reliable.

May 26, 2023

Paul M. did an exceptional job repairing the terrace sliding door (a tricky & labouress task). He was professional, courteous and very efficient. It was clear he was experienced and knew what to do to complete the repair successful and efficiently. His assistant Mike was also helpful and courteous.


Thank you

March 2, 2023

Hello, I just wanted to reach out and thank Paul Markus for a great service experience today. He was quick, extremely professional and did a great job! Just wanted to ensure great and friendly service does not go unnoticed. We will be reaching out directly in the future and recommending to anyone else who may face the same issue. Thanks again, Rose & Boris

Rose Guiahi

Great company to work with

March 2, 2023

The company had to replace a glass in the balcony door. It was suppose to be quick job but due to the complications with the door (outside of their control – manufacturer stopped producing those doors due to the problems) it took them two days to get it fixed. Sometimes you just need patience to get something done. I wanted to give a Huge Bravo to the crew who came in for their determination and work ethics. Hire them- you will not be disappointed.

Olga Kouritsyna